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Ford Focus Service Manual: Seats - Description and Operation

Ford Focus Service Manual / Body / Seating / Seats / Seats - Description and Operation

Front Seats

The front seats are equipped with the following serviceable components:

Seat Backrests

The 2-door front seat backrests are equipped with a release lever to tip the backrest forward for easy entry to second row seating. On the passenger seat, this lever also releases the seat track to slide the seat forward.

The recliner mechanism is part of the seat backrest frame and is not serviceable separately.

Seat Tracks

Front seats are equipped with a 2-way manual passenger seat track and 4-way manual driver seat track which includes a height adjust handle that ratchets to raise and lower the seat. Both seat tracks are serviced as complete assemblies which include the cushion frames and seat mounting feet.

Heated Seats

The heated seat system includes the following serviceable components:

NOTICE: Do not install a new heater mat on a front passenger seat cushion. If a new cushion heater mat is needed, an Occupant Classification System (OCS) system service kit equipped with a heater mat must be installed. Failure to follow this instruction may result in incorrect operation of the OCS system. Refer to Occupant Classification System (OCS) in Section  501-20B.

The cushion and backrest heater mats are serviceable separately. A heater mat can be peeled away from a foam pad and a new one adhered in its place providing excessive foam is not removed from the foam pad. A heater mat cannot be reused; the 2-way tape adhesive will no longer hold the position on the foam pad causing it to shift or bunch up.

Occupant Classification System (OCS)


OCS system components [seat wiring harness, seat cushion foam pad, bladder with pressure sensor and Occupant Classification System Module (OCSM) ] are calibrated to each other and are serviced as an assembly. If new OCS system components are needed, an OCS system service kit must be installed as an assembly.

The OCS system is standard equipment on all front outboard passenger seats. For information on diagnosing or servicing the OCS system, refer to Section  501-20B.

Seat Side Air Bags

Driver and passenger seat side air bags are attached to the seat backrest frame. For diagnostic information, or if the seat side air bag has deployed, refer to Section  501-20B.

Safety Belt Buckle and Pretensioners

The safety belt buckle and pretensioner removes excess slack from the safety belt webbing. For information, or if the safety belt buckle and pretensioner has deployed, refer to Section  501-20B.

Rear Seats

The rear seat cushion and 60/40 fold flat backrests are equipped with the following serviceable components:

Seat Cushion Cover - Rear
Removal and Installation Remove the rear seat cushion. Locate the cushion latch releases under the cushion front edge. Push to release the 2 latches and remove the cushion. ...

Wipers, Washers

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