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Ford Focus Service Manual: Wipers, Washers

Ford Focus Service Manual / Body / Wipers, Washers

Seats - Description and Operation
Front Seats The front seats are equipped with the following serviceable components: Seat tracks Seat height adjust handle (driver only) Backrest frame Manual recliner handle Backres ...

C-Lock Coupler
Disconnect NOTICE: To prevent damage to the coupler, do not use hand tools to disconnect/connect the C-lock coupler. NOTE: Do not remove the lock ring from the C-lock coupler. NOTE: Hold th ...

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Ford Focus Charging System Principles of Operation
The PCM-controlled charging system, or "Smart Charge" charging system, determines the optimal voltage set point for the charging system and communicates this information to the voltage regulator. The "Smart Charge" charging system is designed to set 1 of 6 DTCs any time a c ...

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