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Ford Focus Service Manual: Wipers, Washers

Ford Focus Service Manual / Body / Wipers, Washers

Seats - Description and Operation
Front Seats The front seats are equipped with the following serviceable components: Seat tracks Seat height adjust handle (driver only) Backrest frame Manual recliner handle Backres ...

C-Lock Coupler
Disconnect NOTICE: To prevent damage to the coupler, do not use hand tools to disconnect/connect the C-lock coupler. NOTE: Do not remove the lock ring from the C-lock coupler. NOTE: Hold th ...

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Ford Focus Striker Adjustment
Material Item Specification Multi-Purpose Grease XG-4 and/or XL-5 ESB-M1C93-B NOTE: Before adjusting the door latch striker plate, verify that the door can be closed easily and fits tightly. Loosen the door latch striker bolts. Reposition the door ...

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