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Ford Focus Service Manual: C-Lock Coupler


NOTICE: To prevent damage to the coupler, do not use hand tools to disconnect/connect the C-lock coupler.


Do not remove the lock ring from the C-lock coupler.

  1. NOTE:

    Hold the female side of the coupler at the hose connection to prevent the coupler from rotating internally.

    Gently twist the lock ring until the ring has rotated approximately 90 degrees.

  1. NOTICE: The female side of the C-lock coupler contains an o-ring seal. Use care not to lose the o-ring.

    Slide the C-lock coupler apart from the component fitting.

  1. NOTICE: Do not leave the lock ring in the unlocked position. This will weaken the lock ring and will prevent it from correctly locking in place when reassembled, resulting in a leak.

    Rotate the lock ring back to the original locked position.


  1. Verify the C-lock coupler lock ring is in the locked position.
  1. NOTE:

    The lock ring flexes open slightly to allow the male fitting to enter the C-lock coupler.


    The lock ring can be heard as it snaps into the lock position.

    Insert the male fitting into the C-lock coupler.
  1. Gently pull on the C-lock coupler to verify the coupler is seated correctly.
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