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Ford Focus Service Manual: Wipers and Washers

All functions are initiated by means of a wiper/washer switch (part of the multifunction switch), which is operated by the wiper lever on the left-hand side of the steering column.

Windshield Wiper

The windshield wiper system consists of the following components:

The wiper system is activated by the multifunction switch. The multifunction switch provides input to the front wiper motor module to activate wash, low, high and intermittent modes. When the multifunction switch is momentarily placed into wash mode and then released, there will be a single swipe of the wipers without washer fluid.

The washer system consists of the washer reservoir and washer pump. When the multifunction switch is placed into the wash mode, the windshield wiper motor integral electronics activate the washer pump to direct washer fluid to the windshield. When the front windshield washer system is deactivated, an additional 2-3 clearing wipes will be carried out followed by one final courtesy wipe a few seconds later to clear any remaining fluid that is dripping down from the top of the windshield.


The SJB may also be identified as the Generic Electronic Module (GEM) .

If equipped with automatic headlamps, the SJB will illuminate the exterior lamps, including the parking lamps, when the front wipers are on for more than 3 seconds and the headlamp control is in the AUTOLAMP position. When the wipers are turned off, the exterior lamps will remain on for 30 seconds before turning off.

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