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Ford Focus Service Manual: Bushings, Bearing and Thrust Washer Locator

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Bearings, Bushings and Thrust Washers

Item Part Number Description
1 7C041 Bearing assembly — rear sun gear thrust No. 3
2 7H337 Bearing assembly — front sun gear thrust No. 5
3 7H375 Bearing assembly — front planet carrier thrust No. 6
4 7M102 Cone and roller assembly — input shaft bearing (2 required)
5 7C236 Cup — input shaft bearing (2 required)
6 7H042 Washer — pump support thrust
7 4221 Cone and roller assembly — differential bearing (2 required)
8 4222 Cup — differential bearing (2 required)
9 4228 Washer — front axle differential side (2 required)
10 4230 Washer — front axle differential bearing thrust (2 required)
11 7H344 Cup — transfer shaft roller bearing (2 required)
12 7170 Cone and roller assembly — transfer shaft (2 required)
13 Bearing assembly — rear planet carrier thrust No. 4
14 7H335 Bearing assembly — rear sun gear thrust No. 2
15 7D234 Bearing assembly — direct clutch cylinder thrust No. 1
Wipers and Washers
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Washer Pump and Reservoir
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