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Ford Focus Service Manual: Shifter Input and Linkage

Transmission Fluid Cooler Tubes
Material Item Specification Motorcraft® MERCON® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-10-QLV MERCON® LV Transmission Fluid Cooler Tubes   Ite ...

Selector Lever
  Item Part Number Description 1 — Selector lever cable eyelet (part of 7E395) 2 — Selector lever cable retainer (part of 7E395) 3 ...

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Ford Focus Transaxle - Removal (Manual Transaxle/Transmission — MTX75)
Special Tool(s) Adapter for 303-290A 303-290-01 Adapter for 303-290A (Support Leg) 303-290-03A Remover, Halfshaft 205-241 (T86P-3514-A) Remover, Tie-Rod End 211-001 (T00L-3290-D) ...

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