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Ford Focus Service Manual: Visual Inspection

Special Tool(s)

Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) and Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) software with appropriate hardware, or equivalent scan tool

This inspection will identify modifications or additions to the vehicle operating system that may affect diagnosis. Inspect the vehicle for non-Ford factory add-on devices such as:

These items, if not installed correctly, will affect the PCM, or transaxle function. Pay particular attention to add-on wiring splices in the PCM harness or transaxle wiring harness, abnormal tire size or axle ratio changes.

Selector Lever Linkage Check

Check selector lever linkage adjustment by matching the detents in the selector lever with those in the transaxle. If they match, the error is in the indicator. Do not adjust the selector lever linkage.

Hydraulic leakage at the manual control valve can cause delay in engagements and slipping while operating if the selector lever linkage is not correctly adjusted. Refer to Section  307-05 for selector lever linkage adjustment.

Check TSBs

Refer to all TSBs which pertain to the transaxle concern and follow the procedure as outlined.

Carry Out On-Board Diagnostic (OBD)s Key ON Engine OFF (KOEO) and Key ON Engine Running (KOER)

After a road test, with the vehicle warm and before disconnecting any connectors, carry out the Self Test using scan tool. Refer to the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual for diagnosis and testing of the PCM.

Selector Lever Knob
  Item Part Number Description 1 5404567 Center console trim cover 2 7C453 Transmission Control Switch (TCS) electrical connector 3 ...

Torque Converter

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