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Ford Focus Service Manual: Sprockets

  1. Inspect the sprockets for cracks and worn or chipped teeth.

Powertrain/Drivetrain Mount Neutralizing
NOTE: Refer to the appropriate section and procedure for special instructions on loosening and tightening mount fasteners. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. For additional in ...

Valve Inspection
Inspect the following valve areas: The end of the stem for grooves or scoring. The valve face and the edge for pits, grooves or scores. The valve head for signs of burning ...

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Ford Focus Fuel Tank and Lines - Description and Operation
The fuel system consists of: a Mechanical Returnless Fuel System (MRFS) . a standard fuel tank. fuel, vapor and brake tubes in an integrated bundle assembly attached to the underside of the vehicle by retaining clips. a lifetime fuel filter (serviced as part of the Fuel Pump (FP) mo ...

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