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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Status after a collision

Ford Focus Owners Manual / Status after a collision

Warning triangle
3-door, 4-door and 5-door Space is provided in the luggage compartment. Estate Space is provided in the spare wheel well. ...

Fuel cut-off switch
Vehicles with a Duratec engine The fuel supply may be cut off as a result of an accident or sudden vibrations (e.g. collision when parking). The switch is located in the side panel in fro ...

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Ford Focus Wheel and Tire - Disassembly and Assembly
Special Tool(s) Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 204-354   Item Part Number Description 1 1508 Tire 2 1007 Wheel 3 1700 Valve stem and screw (also part of 1A189) 4 1A189 Tire Press ...

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