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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Voice control

Ford Focus Owners Manual / Voice control

Using the telephone - Vehicles With: Navigation System
This chapter describes the phone functions of the Navigation System. Note: Refer to your Navigation System guide for details of the controls. An active phone must be present. Even if connected ...

Principle of operation
CAUTION: Using the system with the engine off will drain the battery. Voice recognition enables operation of the system without the need to divert your attention from the road ahead in order to ...

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Ford Focus Key Programming Using Two Programmed Keys - General Procedures
NOTE: This procedure only works if 2 or more programmed ignition keys are available. If 2 keys are not available, refer to Spare Key Programming — Using Diagnostic Equipment in this section. NOTE: The Instrument Cluster (IC) PID SPAREKEY must be enabled for this procedure to operate. If th ...

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