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Ford Focus Service Manual: Accessory Drive

The accessory drive:

The accessory drive system provides power to operate components which power other systems. These could include components such as the generator, power steering pump and A/C compressor. Each of these components is equipped with a pulley which is driven by the accessory drive belt. The accessory drive belt is driven by the engine crankshaft pulley. One or more idler pulleys may be provided to facilitate belt routing and alignment. The automatic belt tensioner maintains correct belt tension and compensates for component wear and changes in system load. System load changes can be caused by the A/C compressor clutch engaging or disengaging, or demand changes on other systems powered by the accessory drive belt. To maintain correct operation of this system, it is critical that the correct length drive belt be installed. The pulleys must also be correctly aligned and kept clean.

Accessory Drive Belt Routing

Item Part Number Description
1 19A216 Accessory drive belt idler pulley
2 3A733 Power steering pump pulley
3 19D784 A/C compressor pulley
4 6316 Crankshaft pulley
5 8509 Coolant pump pulley
6 6A228 Belt tensioner
7 10344 Generator pulley

Belt Tensioner


The accessory drive belt tensioner must be replaced as a complete unit.

Automatic tensioners are calibrated to provide the correct amount of tension to the belt for a given accessory drive system. Unless a spring or damping band within the tensioner assembly breaks or some other mechanical part of the tensioner fails, there is no need to check the tensioner for correct tension.

Pulleys and Belts

Crankshaft Pulley
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