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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Windscreen wipers

Windscreen wipers

Single wipe A Intermittent wipe or autowipers B Normal wipe C High speed wipe D

Intermittent wipe

Long wipe interval A Intermittent wipe B Short wipe interval C

Automatic wiper system

Some models without autowipers are fitted with a speed-dependent front screen wiper system.

When the vehicle is slowed to walking speed or is brought to a standstill, the wiper speed will automatically switch to the next lower wiper speed setting.

When the vehicle speed is increased, the wiper speed will return to the manually-chosen setting.

Moving the wiper lever when the system is operating will switch off the system.

If the vehicle is again slowed to walking speed or is brought to a standstill, the system is reactivated.

Wipers and washers

CAUTIONS: Do not switch autowipers on in dry weather conditions. The rain sensor is very sensitive and the wipers may operate if dirt, mist or flies hit the windscreen. Replace the wiper bla ...

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