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Ford Focus Service Manual: Electronic Compass

The compass signal originates from the compass module, which is integrated into the interior rear view mirror.

The compass display is incorporated into the Front Display Interface Module (FDIM) .

The buttons that allow the driver to operate the calibration and zone setting procedures are located in the Front Controls Interface Module (FCIM) .

The vehicle heading is displayed as a 1 or 2 character display located in the lower LH side of the FDIM and indicates the current direction of the vehicle (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, or NW). The compass continuously re-calibrates due to changes in the magnetic field and remains accurate during most driving conditions. The compass display is on with the key in the ON or START position. When the key is first turned to the ON or START position, there is a momentary delay of approximately 6 seconds before the compass display illuminates. If the battery saver has been activated and the key is turned to ON or START, the momentary delay before the compass display illuminates is approximately 3 seconds. The compass display will turn off as soon as the key is turned to the OFF or ACC position.

Compass Accuracy

Driving near power lines, or driving in the area of large iron or steel structures can temporarily change the compass heading. If the compass remains inaccurate after driving near such objects, calibrate the compass. Refer to Compass Calibration in this section.

Most geographic areas (zones) have a magnetic north compass point that varies slightly from the northerly direction on maps. This variation is 4 degrees between the adjacent zones and becomes noticeable as the vehicle crosses multiple zones. A correct zone setting eliminates the error. Refer to Compass Zone Adjustment in this section.

Compass Zone Adjustment
Compass Calibration Zone Map Refer to the compass calibration zone map to select the correct compass zone setting for the geographic location of the vehicle. With the key in the ON posi ...

Combination Meter Illumination

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