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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Load carrying

Ford Focus Owners Manual / Load carrying

Using cruise control
WARNING: Do not use cruise control in heavy traffic, on twisty roads or when the road surface is slippery. Switching cruise control on Note: The system is ready for you to set a speed. ...

General information
WARNINGS: Use load securing straps to an approved standard, e.g. DIN. Make sure that you secure all loose items properly. Place luggage and other loads as low and as far forward as possibl ...

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Ford Focus Transaxle Description
The 4F27E is a fully automatic, electronically controlled 4-speed transaxle designed for Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicles. Its abbreviated designation 4F27E means: 4 — 4-speed transmission F — FWD 27 — originally designed for maximum input torque after torque converter: 365 N ...

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