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Ford Focus Service Manual: Main Components and Functions

Overview of Construction and Function

Item Description
1 Intermediate/Overdrive (O/D) band
2 Front ring gear planetary gear sets
3 Low/reverse clutch
4 Forward clutch
5 Pump and stator support
6 Torque converter
7 Transmission input shaft
8 Differential
9 Transfer shaft assembly
10 Final drive input gear
11 Low One-Way Clutch (OWC)
12 Reverse clutch
13 Direct clutch

Planetary Gear Sets

The individual gears are shifted by means of 2 planetary gear sets, connected one behind the other.

Clutches and Bands

The individual ratios are selected by means of 4 multi-plate clutches, a brake band and a roller One-Way Clutch (OWC) .

The components are controlled by the PCM through Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) solenoid valves.

Turbine Shaft Speed (TSS) Sensor
Material Item Specification Motorcraft® MERCON® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-10-QLVC (US); CXT-10-LV12 (Canada) MERCON® LV Thread Sealant with PTFE ...

Main Control Valve Body
  Item Part Number Description 1 7D142 Valve assembly — manual control 2 7F194 Plates — spring retainer (7 required) 3 7H140 ...

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