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Ford Focus Service Manual: Main Control Valve Body

Item Part Number Description
1 7D142 Valve assembly — manual control
2 7F194 Plates — spring retainer (7 required)
3 7H140 Springs — bypass clutch control (4 required)
4 7G179 Valve — bypass clutch control
5 7K720 Spring modulation valve
6 7G408 Valve — line pressure modulator (and converter relief)
7 W500100 Bolts M6 x 40 (3 required)
8 W705271 Bolt M6 x 30 (5 required)
9 7N266 Seals — valve body
10 W705271 Bolt M6 x 60 (5 required)
11 7A092 Body — control valve upper
12 7Z490 Separator plate and gasket assembly
13 7A101 Body — control valve lower
14 7R294 Stop — main regulator valve
15 7F445 Retainer plate — main regulator valve
16 7A270 Spring — main fluid pressure regulator valve
17 7C338 Valve — main fluid pressure regulator
18 7G411 Spring — solenoid regulator valve
19 7H392 Valve — solenoid regulator valve
20 7D400 Spring — intermediate servo accumulator
21 7D398 Piston — intermediate servo accumulator
22 7G408 Valve — converter pressure relief
23 7G316 Spring — converter regulator valve
24 7M040 Valve — lock up control
25 7Z490 Gasket — solenoid body
26 7G179 Valve — low reverse shift
27 7M040 Valve — 3-4 shift
28 7H148 Shift Solenoid B (SSB) (on/off) valve
29 7H148 Shift Solenoid A (SSA) (on/off) valve
30 7G383 Line Pressure Control (LPC)
31 7G484 Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) solenoid valve Shift Solenoid C (SSC)
32 7G484 PWM solenoid valve Shift Solenoid E (SSE)
33 7G484 PWM solenoid valve Shift Solenoid D (SSD)
34 7H185 Bracket — shift control solenoid hold down
35 W500211 Screws M6 x 15 (7 required)
36 W500012 Screw M6 x 72 (2 required)
37 7G391 Body — solenoid shift throttle pressure


  1. Remove the solenoid body bolts and the solenoid body.

  1. Remove and discard the solenoid body gaskets.

  1. Remove the 4 bolts, remove the hold down bracket and removeShift Solenoid A (SSA) , Shift Solenoid B (SSB) and the Line Pressure Control (LPC) solenoid. Remove the 3 bolts and Shift Solenoid C (SSC) ,Shift Solenoid D (SSD) andShift Solenoid E (SSE) .

  1. Remove and discard the seals.

  1. Disassemble the main control valve body.


  1. Install a new separator plate and gasket assembly.

  1. NOTE:

    Do not fully tighten the bolts at this stage.

    Assemble the main control valve body and loosely install the bolts.

  1. Install the seals.

  1. PositionSSA , SSB and the LPC solenoid in the solenoid body, position the hold down bracket in place and install the 4 bolts. Position SSC ,SSD andSSE in the solenoid body and install the 3 bolts.
    • Tighten to 10 Nm (89 lb-In).

  1. Install a new solenoid body gasket.

  1. Install the solenoid body and loosely install the bolts.

  1. Tighten the solenoid body bolts in the sequence shown.
    • Tighten to 9 Nm (80 lb-in).

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