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Ford Focus Service Manual: Manual Transaxle/Transmission - MTX75

Ford Focus Service Manual / Powertrain / Transmission/Transaxle / Manual / Manual Transaxle/Transmission - MTX75

The MTX-75 manual transaxle features the following:

The input shaft, output shaft and the differential assembly are assembled under preload. If the transmission is disassembled, a preload measurement must be taken.

The transmission's function is to move the vehicle from a rest position to motion. This is done by transferring the engine torque, through the transaxle, to the vehicle's front wheels. The transmission uses gears to adapt the torque to the demands of load and road conditions. It matches engine power to vehicle needs.

This power is delivered from the engine's flywheel, to the transaxle. The power is transmitted through a driver-operated clutch, which allows for engagement and disengagement of the engine to the transaxle.

Power Flow

General View of the Input and Output Shaft

Item Part Number Description
1 7017 Input shaft
2 7061 Output shaft
3 7141 Reverse gear idler
4 7112 Fourth gear
5 7124 Third and 4th gear synchronizer
6 7B340 Third gear
7 Output drive pinion
8 7100 First gear
9 7124 First and 2nd gear synchronizer
10 7102 Second gear
11 7K316 Fifth gear
12 7124 Fifth and reverse gear synchronizer
13 7141 Reverse gear

1st Gear

2nd Gear

3rd Gear

4th Gear

5th Gear

Reverse Gear

Input Shaft
Special Tool(s) Remover, Bearing/Gear 205-D064 (D84L-1123-A) Material Item Specification Motorcraft® Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid ...

Clutch System Bleeding
Special Tool(s) Vacuum Pump Kit 416-D002 (D95L-7559-A) Material Item Specification High Performance DOT 3 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid PM-1- ...

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