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Ford Focus Service Manual: Strut Assembly

Rear Suspension Wheel Knuckle
  Item Part Number Description 1 2210 Drum brake assembly 2 W500746 Rearward lower arm outboard bolt 3 5A969 LH/ 5A968 RH Wheel ...

Strut and Spring Assembly - Disassembly and Assembly
  Item Part Number Description 1 5310 Spring 2 18198 Spring upper seat and bearing assembly 3 3K155 Upper mount bearing ...

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Ford Focus Cleaning the interior
Seat belts WARNINGS: Do not use abrasives, or chemical solvents to clean them. Do not allow moisture to penetrate the seat belt retractor mechanism. Clean the seat belts with interior cleaner or water applied with a soft sponge. Let the seat belts dry naturally, away from artificial hea ...

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