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Ford Focus Service Manual: Diagnostic Parameters Identification (PID) Chart

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Using Output State Control and Accessing PIDs

To confirm that the output state control value was sent by the scan tool and the PCM has accepted the output state control substitution, a corresponding PID or PIDs for each output state control parameter should be monitored. Additional PIDs should be monitored to help the technician adequately diagnose the transaxle.

The following is a list of output state control parameters and their corresponding PIDs:

Output State Control Parameter Corresponding PID PID Description
SSA # SSA SSA Commanded ON/OFF
SSB # SSB SSB Commanded ON/OFF
PCA # PCA PCA Commanded Pressure (psi)
SSC # SSC SSC Commanded Duty Cycle (%)
SSD # SSD SSD Commanded Duty Cycle (%)
SSE # SSE SSE Commanded Duty Cycle (%)
GEAR GEAR Commanded Trans Gear (Use In DRIVE)
GEAR_OSC # GEAR_OSC Gear Commanded Control Status Requested By Output State Control: PCM = Scheduled by PCM, output state control not in control 1 = 1st gear commanded by output state control 2 = 2nd gear commanded by output state control 3 = 3rd gear commanded by output state control 4 = 4th gear commanded by output state control
TCC # TCC Torque Converter Commanded Duty Cycle
HRSH_SFT # HRSH_SFT Harsh Shift Control Status Requested By output state control: OFF = HARSH SHIFT MODE not commanded by output state control ON = HARSH SHIFT MODE commanded by output state control

To confirm that the output state control substitution occurred, command the output state control value and monitor the corresponding PID value. If the value of the corresponding PID is the same as the value sent from output state control, then the output state control substitution was successful.

The following general PID list may be of use to the technician when exercising output state control:

PIDs PID Description
APP1 Accelerator Pedal Position 1
APP2 Accelerator Pedal Position 2
BOO1 Brake On Off
BOO2 Brake On Off
GEAR GEAR Commanded State
GEAR_RAT Gear Ratio
IAT Intake Air Temperature
LINEDSD # Line Pressure Control Desired
OSS_F Output Shaft Speed Fault
OSS_SRC Unfiltered Output Shaft Speed
PCA # Pressure Control Solenoid A
PCA AMP # Pressure Control Solenoid A Amperage
PCA_F Pressure Control Solenoid A Fault
RPM # Engine Revolutions Per Minute
SSA # Shift Solenoid A
SSB # Shift Solenoid B
SSC # Shift Solenoid C
SSD # Shift Solenoid D
SSE # Shift Solenoid E
SSPCA_F Shift Solenoid A Fault Status
SSPCB_F Shift Solenoid B Fault Status
SSPCC_F Shift Solenoid C Fault Status
SSPCD_F Shift Solenoid D Fault Status
SSPCE_F Shift Solenoid E Fault Status
TC_SLIPACT Torque Converter Slip Actual
TCC Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid
TCC # Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Commanded State
TCC_RAT Torque Converter Speed Ratio (RPM/TSS)
TCIL Transmission Control Indicator Lamp
TCS_DEPRES Transmission Control Switch Depressed
TCS_STATE Transmission Control Switch State
TFT Transmission Fluid Temperature
TFTV Transmission Fluid Temperature Voltage
TFT_F Transmission Fluid Temperature Fault
TP Throttle Position Sensor
TP1 Throttle Position 1
TP2 Throttle Position 2
TQ_CNTRL Torque Control (Torque Fuel/Spark Limiting Status)
TRAN_VOLT_A Actuator Supply Voltage A Control State
TRD Digital Transmission Range Sensor Drive
TR_F Transmission Range Status Fault
TRL Digital Transmission Range Sensor Low
TRN Digital Transmission Range Sensor Neutral
TRP Digital Transmission Range Sensor Park
TRR Digital Transmission Range Sensor Reverse
TRAN_RAT Transmission Slip Ratio
TSS_F Turbine Shaft Speed Fault
TSS_SRC Unfiltered Turbine Shaft Speed Sensor
VPWR Vehicle Buffered Power
VREF Module Reference Voltage
VSOUT_F Vehicle Speed Sensor Output Fault
VSS Vehicle Speed (MPH)
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