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Ford Focus Service Manual: Front Fog Lamp Adjustment - General Procedures

Ford Focus Service Manual / Body / Body Electrical / Lighting / Exterior Lighting / Front Fog Lamp Adjustment - General Procedures

Fog Lamp Adjustment Screw Location

  1. NOTE:

    Horizontal aim is not required for this vehicle and is not adjustable. Consult your state vehicle inspection center for recommended tolerance ranges for visual aiming.

    Before starting the fog lamp assembly adjustment:

    • check the tire inflation.
    • make sure there are no other loads in the vehicle other than a half tank of fuel.
    • make sure the vehicle is on level ground.
    • make sure the fog lamps and headlamps are clean.
    • make sure the headlamps are operating and are correctly aimed.
  1. NOTE:

    The vertical wall screen must be a minimum of 2.4 m (8 ft) wide.

    Park the vehicle on a level surface approximately 7.6 m (25 ft) from the vertical wall or screen directly in front of it.

  1. The correct visual aim for the fog lamps is with the top edge of the high-intensity zone 10 cm (4 in) below the horizontal center of the fog lamps.

  1. If necessary, rotate the adjusting screw until the fog lamp beam is within specification.
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