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Ford Focus Service Manual: Exterior Lighting

Headlamp Bulb - Removal and Installation
NOTE: The headlamp assembly is shown removed for clarity.   Item Part Number Description 1 13008 Headlamp assembly 2 13N021 Headlamp bulb ...

Exterior Lighting - Description and Operation
NOTE: The Smart Junction Box (SJB) is also known as the Generic Electronic Module (GEM) . The exterior lighting system consists of the following components: Headlamp assemblies Fog lamps ( ...

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Ford Focus Air Conditioning - Description and Operation
The refrigerant system components include the following: A/C compressor and clutch assembly A/C condenser core A/C evaporator core Receiver/drier Connecting refrigerant lines Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) The refrigerant system incorporates an A/C compressor controlled b ...

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