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Ford Focus Service Manual: Front Suspension Wheel Studs

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Special Tool(s)

C-Frame and Screw Assembly 211-023 (T74P-3044-A1)

Item Part Number Description
1 1107 Wheel stud


  1. NOTICE: Suspension fasteners are critical parts because they affect performance of vital components and systems and their failure may result in major service expense. New parts must be installed with the same part numbers or equivalent part, if replacement is necessary. Do not use a replacement part of lesser quality or substitute design. Torque values must be used as specified during reassembly to make sure correct retention of these parts.


    Make sure the steering wheel is in the UNLOCKED position.

    Remove the brake disc. For additional information, refer to Section  206-03.
  1. Using the C-Frame and Screw Assembly, remove the wheel stud.


  1. NOTE:

    Make sure to use washers that have an ID that is larger than the OD of the wheel stud serrations. Use enough washers (approximately 4) to allow the wheel stud to fully seat against the hub flange.

    Position the wheel stud in the flange, making sure the serrations on the stud line up with the serrations in the flange. Install the washers and a wheel nut.

  1. NOTICE: Do not use power tools to install the wheel stud or damage to the flange may occur.

    Tighten the wheel nut until the stud is seated against the hub flange.

  1. Remove the wheel nut and the washers. Discard the wheel nut.
  1. Install the brake disc. For additional information, refer to Section  206-03.
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