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Ford Focus Service Manual: Fuses Junctions and Relays

Ford Focus Service Manual / Electrical / Fuses Junctions and Relays

Data and Communication Network
NOTE: The Smart Junction Box (SJB) is also known as the Generic Electronic Module (GEM) . Multiplexing is a method of sending 2 or more signals simultaneously over a single circuit. Multiplexing ...

Smart Junction Box (SJB)
Special Tool(s) Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) and Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) software with appropriate hardware, or equivalent scan tool   ...

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Ford Focus Air Cleaner
Disconnect the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor electrical connector. Loosen the clamp and separate the Air Cleaner (ACL) outlet pipe from the ACL assembly. To install, tighten to 3 Nm (27 lb-in). Remove the 2 bolts and the ACL assembly. To install, tighten to 9 Nm (8 ...

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