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Ford Focus Service Manual: Heater Core

Item Part Number Description
1 Climate control harness electrical connector (part of 18B604)
2 Heater core tube cover screw (2 required)
3 Heater core tube cover (part of 19B555)
4 Heater tube clip (2 required) (part of 18476 kit)
5 Heater tube (2 required) (part of 19B555)
6 Heater core access door (part of 18476 kit)
7 18476 Heater core
8 O-ring seal (2 required) (part of 18476 kit)

Removal and Installation


If a heater core leak is suspected, the heater core must be leak tested before it is removed from the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section  412-00.


It is not necessary to install new heater core inlet and outlet tubes when installing a new heater core unless there is evidence of damage to the heater core tubes. The new O-ring seals supplied with the heater core service kit must be installed any time the heater core tubes are detached from the heater core.

  1. Drain the engine coolant. For additional information, refer to Section  303-03.
  1. Remove the 3 glove compartment screws and the glove compartment.
    • To install, tighten to 10 Nm (89 lb-in).
  1. Using a suitable utility knife, carefully cut the heater core tube cover along the rib as shown.

  1. Detach the climate control wire harness connector from the heater core tube cover.
  1. Remove the 2 heater core tube cover screws.
  1. Remove the cut portion of the heater core tube cover.
  1. NOTE:

    Before disconnecting the heater core tube connections, position a suitable drain pan to catch any residual coolant that may drain from the heater core or heater core tubes when disconnected.

    Remove the 2 heater core tube connection clips and disconnect the 2 heater core tubes from the heater core.

    • Discard the O-ring seals.
  1. Detach and remove the heater core access door.
  1. NOTE:

    The heater core must be carefully manipulated to clear the blower motor housing while being removed.

    Remove the heater core.

  1. NOTE:

    Be sure that the new O-rings are installed, and the heater core tubes are fully seated into the heater core before installing the heater core tube connection clips.

    To install, reverse the removal procedure.

    • Install new O-ring seals.
    • Apply a suitable black duct-type tape over the cut in the heater core tube cover.
  1. Fill the engine coolant level. For additional information, refer to Section  303-03.
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