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Ford Focus Service Manual: Lower Engine Block (View 1)

Item Part Number Description
1 6010 Cylinder block
2 6K318 Crankshaft rear oil seal and retainer
3 6477 Flywheel/flexplate
4 6675 Oil pan
5 6714 Oil filter
6 6884 Oil filter adapter
7 9278 Oil pressure sensor
8 6A636 Oil filter adapter gasket
9 6A785 Crankcase vent oil separator
10 8575 Thermostat assembly
11 6622 Oil pump screen and pickup tube

Special Tool(s), General Equipment, Material
Special Tool(s)  Aligner, Clutch Disc 308-006 (T71P-7137-H) Aligner, Crankshaft Sensor 303-1417 Alignment Plate, Camsha ...

Lower Engine Block (View 2)
  Item Part Number Description 1 6161 Piston oil control spacer (4 required) 2 6150 Piston compression upper ring (4 required) 3 6 ...

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