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Ford Focus Service Manual: Roof Pillars

Frame Members
General Equipment 3 Phase Inverter Spot Welder 254-00002 Compuspot 700F Welder 190-50080 I4 Inverter Spot Welder 254-00014 Inverter Welder with MIG Welder 254- ...

Glass Reseal - Rear
Material Item Specification Dow Urethane Adhesive Betaseal™ Express — Sika Urethane Adhesive Sika Tack ASAP — Ultra-Clear Spray Glass C ...

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Ford Focus Crankcase Vent Oil Separator
Removal and Installation   Item Part Number Description 1 W500214 Crankcase vent oil separator bolt (8 required) 2 6A785 Crankcase vent oil separator 3 — Retainer clip (part of 6A785) 4 6B752 Crankcase vent ...

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