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Ford Focus Service Manual: Lead Terminal Repair

General Equipment
Terminal Kit — Back Glass 4F1Z-14421-AA

Item Specification
Ultra-Clear Spray Glass Cleaner ZC-23 ESR-M14P5-A
  1. Bring the vehicle up to room temperature of at least 16°C (60°F) or above.
  1. NOTE:

    The new terminal will cover the original terminal location, but it must be placed so that the terminal conductive areas will be placed on a good conductive base.

    Clean the bus bar in the area to be repaired with steel wool (000 to 0000 grade), and then with glass cleaner to remove all dirt, wax, grease, oil or other foreign material.

  1. NOTICE: Do not use any type of flame torch or flame-heated soldering gun for this procedure. Use of these tools provide inadequate heat generation at the tip and the exhaust heat can cause damage to plastic trim parts in the area. Use only an electric soldering gun with 100 watts or more of power. Before using the soldering gun, be sure to melt a small amount of rosin core solder to the tip. The solder will assist in achieving better heat transfer from the soldering gun tip to the new terminal.


    Depending on the original terminal location, and whether the terminal is covered by pillar trim, will determine where to locate the new terminal. Some grid line bus bars may only allow the placement of the terminal above or below the original tab location due to space limitations. For most vehicle applications, the replacement tab location will cover the original tab location, but still allow the replacement tab to attach to the bus bar on good conductive material.

    Place the replacement terminal type A over the original tab location, making sure the conductive areas of the terminal will be on a good conductive area. Do not place the terminal tab foot on the original location, which does not have conductive material.
  1. Hold the terminal in place with an item such as a regular lead pencil at a 90 degree angle from the terminal. (Holding at other than a 90 degree angle may allow the terminal to slip when the solder liquefies.)
  1. NOTE:

    The new terminal has pre-applied solder, flux and temperature-sensitive paint. The paint provides a visual indication when the terminal has reached the correct temperature to melt solder on the terminal. When the correct temperature is achieved, the temperature paint will liquefy and change color.

    Place the soldering gun tip on the top of the terminal, but not on the painted areas of the tab. Energize the soldering gun and watch for the painted area of the terminal to liquefy and change color. The paint should liquefy in approximately 25-45 seconds after heating. As soon as the paint color completely changes on either side of the terminal, de-energize the soldering gun and continue to hold the terminal in place with the soldering gun and pencil for an additional 30 seconds.

  1. Remove the soldering gun and pencil from the terminal. The terminal should be allowed to cool for another 2 minutes before the wiring lead is attached to the terminal.
  1. Attach the electrical lead connection to this terminal, turn on the heated rear window and verify the operation.
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