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Ford Focus Service Manual: Subframes

Lead Terminal Repair
General Equipment Terminal Kit — Back Glass 4F1Z-14421-AA Material Item Specification Ultra-Clear Spray Glass Cleaner ZC-23 ESR-M14P5-A B ...

Subframe - Front
Special Tool(s) Installer Set, Teflon® Seal 211-D027 (D90P-3S17-A) or equivalent Remover, Tie-Rod End 211-001 (TOOL-3290-D) NOTE: The fron ...

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Ford Focus Piston Selection - Engine System
NOTE: The cylinder bore must be within the specifications for taper and out-of-round before fitting a piston. Select a piston size based on the cylinder bore. NOTE: For precision fit, new pistons are divided into 3 categories within each size range based on their relative pos ...

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