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Ford Focus Service Manual: Glass, Frames and Mechanisms

Ford Focus Service Manual / Body / Frame and Structure / Roof Pillars / Glass, Frames and Mechanisms

The glass, frames and mechanisms consist of the following:

The power window system can be operated from the driver window control switch or from the window control switches located on each door panel. The driver window control switch has 2 modes of operation for the driver power window, manual and auto. All other windows operate in manual mode only.

Manual mode moves the window upward or downward until the switch is released. Auto mode provides the one-touch down feature for the driver front power window. The one-touch down function allows the driver front power window to be completely lowered when the driver window control switch is pressed momentarily to the second detent and then released. One-touch down is controlled by the driver window control switch.

The power window system will only operate if:

The heated rear window is controlled by the HVAC module. The ignition switch must be in RUN with the engine running for the heated rear window to operate. When the rear window defrost switch (integral to the HVAC module) is pressed, the HVAC module activates the rear window defrost relay which supplies voltage to the rear window defrost grid. A LED will illuminate when the rear window defrost is activated.

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