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Ford Focus Service Manual: Steering Wheel and Column

Ford Focus Service Manual / Chassis / Steering / Steering Wheel and Column

Wheel Spindle
  Item Part Number Description 1 4A492 Wheel spindle 2 W704332 Wheel spindle bolt (4 required) 3 W500012 Wheel speed sensor bol ...

Steering Column - Description and Operation
The steering column consists of the following: Steering wheel Steering column Upper and lower steering column shafts Steering column switches The steering column is the mechanical li ...

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Ford Focus Diagnostic Parameters Identification (PID) Chart
Using Output State Control and Accessing PIDs To confirm that the output state control value was sent by the scan tool and the PCM has accepted the output state control substitution, a corresponding PID or PIDs for each output state control parameter should be monitored. Additional PIDs shou ...

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