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Ford Focus Service Manual: Tie Rods and Linkage

Ford Focus Service Manual / Chassis / Steering / Tie Rods and Linkage

Steering Gear Boot
Special Tool(s) Boot Clamp Pliers 205-D067 (D87P-1098-A) or equivalent Material Item Specification Premium Long-Life Grease XG-1-C or XG-1 ...

Steering Linkage
The steering linkage consists of the following components: Inner tie rod Steering gear Outer tie-rod end Steering gear bellows boot Tie-rod jam nut Outer tie-rod end nut Steeri ...

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Ford Focus Air Distribution and Filtering
Air Distribution and Filtering NOTE: The air distribution system is not designed for use with a cabin air filter. A cabin air filter is not installed from the factory and is not available as a dealer installed accessory. NOTE: The temperature blend door and airflow mode doors are positioned ...

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