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Ford Focus Service Manual: Powertrain Control Module

Throttle Body
  Item Part Number Description 1 W713443 Throttle Body (TB) bolt (4 required) 2 9E926 TB 3 9E936 TB gasket 4 14A4 ...

Module Controlled Functions
Smart Junction Box (SJB) The SJB is located under the instrument panel on the driver side (left of the steering column) has control of the following systems: Interior lighting Exterior lig ...

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Ford Focus Brake Disc Machining
NOTE: Do not use a bench lathe to machine the brake discs. Use an on-vehicle brake lathe only. Read the entire operating manual and/or view the video shipped with the lathe before installing, operating or repairing the lathe. NOTE: An on-vehicle brake lathe with an automatic runout adjustment ...

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